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Money means so much more…when it’s inspi(RED)

February 19, 2009
Its rather inspi(RE)

It's rather inspi(RED)

Today I received a brand-new 16GB iPod Nano in the mail. It’s gorgeous. And it’s a huge improvement over my old 4GB iPod Mini from about four years ago.

But there’s so much more meaning to this one because I know that the money is going somewhere. Allow me to explain:

I chose to purchase—I say “purchase” loosely because my parents actually gave it to me as a birthday present—the red Nano. Not just a red Nano though, but a (RED) Nano. The (RED) campaign is one intended to help Africa, one purchase at a time. Brands from Dell to Apple to GAP have signed on to the campaign.

But the weirdest thing is the sense of satisfaction that I have, simply because I know that my money is going to a cause larger than myself. And believe me, Africa is much larger than I am and so are the problems that course through its veins.

The question here is why I have that heightened satisfaction in the first place.

I think the answer is quite simple: Human beings have an innate desire, even need, to be a part of something larger than their own life. To connect with a higher purpose, a higher meaning. You see, we all realize at some point in our life that we are only here on this planet for a second. That there is some larger story of which we are a small part.

And when we come to this realization, we decide that we may as well make that second as meaningful as we possibly can.

There are plenty of ways to do this, and not all of them—or even a majority of them probably—deal with money. Donate your time to volunteer work. Join the Peace Corps. Sponsor a kid. Join the Mocha Club. Send money to charity. Smile. Get creative here, there are many more ways to accomplish this.

Just do something. Be meaningful in some way.

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