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My future is being decided

January 27, 2009
When one door closes...

When one door closes...

I just received word that I will not be going to San Francisco for a job after graduating. Travelers Insurance has decided to give offers to two other candidates instead. Their notes stated that I “didn’t research their firm enough prior to my interview” apparently. Now, I don’t know what “enough” research would entail, but I’d imagine it would involve things like spending hours on their website, going over all the Travelers materials I have collected, analyzing their financial reports, researching the company on the Vault and Yahoo!Finance and doing a news search for the company. Maybe I was wrong. Can I have those hours back now?

They did, however, say that there will be two openings in San Antonio, and I have until Friday to put my name in the running or not. It couldn’t hurt, so it’ll probably be a yes on that front.

Anyway, that’s not really the point. The point is that this setback could be just what I needed: a shove instead of nudge in a totally different direction.

I’ve talked with several of my friends at length recently about different job and life opportunities, and I’ve found a few that interest me. I’d give everyone credit where it’s due, but that might get a little embarrassing for people.

  • E&J Gallo Winery: They’re recruiting at the UGA career fair tomorrow for a “Territory Manager” position. It’s the entry-level position for their management training program. It’s “competitive and fun,” is what I hear, and I’d get to be surrounded by one of my largest passions. The downside is that it’s an expressly sales/marketing position, as I’d be selling Gallo products to restaurants and retailers in the territory.
  • The Mocha Club: They partner in trips to Africa. But I’d have to arrange for the funding and for the dates to not coincide with my roommate’s wedding. If/when I join, though, I get a pretty sweet t-shirt.
  • Peace Corps: 27 months? Could I really do that? You know, if you’d asked me that last year or even last month…probably not. But now I’m not so sure. They’re also recruiting at the career fair tomorrow, so I’ll look them up for sure. And they could send me to Africa. And it’d give me motivation to learn Swahili. There’s a lot of upside. Especially financially.
  • MonaVie: I have no idea what this is or what it entails, but one of my friends suggested it randomly via Twitter. I’ll ask him and let you know.
  • Other Mission Work: My home church back in Alabama — Asbury UMC — has partnerships with missionaries throughout Africa, and it’d be pretty easy to at least get in touch with them and/or the organization they’re working with. This is the riskiest, and it’d require the most amount of prayer. I’ve never really felt called to the ministry per se, so I’ve only been on short mission trips. This would be a huge leap. But it wouldn’t really be my decision I guess.
  • Travel: Just blow the whole wad and go somewhere — anywhere — for a while.
  • Visitors Center: It’s been done several times before. I could hang around for the summer at least…in Athens…living the dream and making the big bucks doing tours until something falls into place. The last person who did that is on his way to country music fame in Nashville. Big shoes to fill.
  • Grad School: What would I study? Too late for (and not particularly interested in) law school; an MBA is meaningless without real-life experiences to back it up; I don’t have a burning passion to spend years of my life in some other liberal arts field…yet. So that’s a no, thank you.

I’ll be thinking about all of this in the coming days/weeks/months. I actually do have to figure out the balance between reality and dreams that I’ve been so dreading. Expect a few several updates coming. And, as always, any insights at all would be more than welcome.


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