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What I believe

December 23, 2008

I have no real explanation for my motivation to write this post, so I’ll just jump right on into it. Basically, I was thinking over the past few days that if I’m gonna head out into the real world soon, I should have a concrete (at least semi-concrete) list of my beliefs. Of the fundamental things that make me me, a list of what makes me tick. Maybe it’ll give someone a lens through which to see me (a supplement to my Bio), maybe it won’t. But hopefully it’ll at least be beneficial to me. So without further ado, what do I believe?

I believe that nothing is worth doing if it isn’t fun somehow. I believe that everyone can be happy. But I believe that it’s being joyful that’s the difficult part.

I believe that the greatest miracle of all is the miracle of Christmas. I believe the miracle I’d most want to perform is the water-into-wine one.

I used to believe that the greatest issue facing my generation was apathy. Now I believe that my generation’s greatest strength is that we care so much. I believe that my generation will be the greatest that this world’s ever seen.

I believe that life is better when we’re connected to each other. I believe in the value of communication…and a lot of it. I believe a close friendship is a blessing to be cherished. I believe my family will never leave my side. I believe the world is a huge place. And I believe that everyone has a place in it.

I believe no dream is too big to pursue. I also believe no dream is too small to pursue. I believe my passions will always outweigh my intellect. I believe one voice is powerful. I believe my voice is powerful. I believe one of my purposes is to bring people’s voices together to make them more powerful. I believe I was meant for more than a cubicle. I believe everyone is creative. And I believe free time is never really free.

I believe music is the best way to unlock your soul. I believe food is a close second.

I believe in the fallen nature of man. But I believe mankind has an innate goodness. And I believe that goodness will triumph over evil in the end. I believe in the power of a smile.

I believe I’ll spend my whole life finding out who I am and never quite put my finger on me.

I believe my work here will never been done.

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