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My (updated) bucket list of sorts

December 7, 2008

Settle in and get comfortable, because this’ll be a pretty long one. So a while back I made a preliminary list of 50 things that I’d like to accomplish in my life or some shorter time period. It’s been almost 5 months, so I think it’s high time we do a little revisiting. I’ll give you some details on some yet to be accomplished, some updates on ones that have been accomplished and finally add a few new ones. And now for the cut and paste (accomplished goals will be bolded :

The Initial List

1. Compose elevator music: haven’t even begun
2. Ride an elevator more than 100 stories tall: if I get my job in San Fran (fingers crossed)…we’ll see.
3. Attend the TED Talks: not quite yet…
4. Give a TED Talk
5. Taste the local wines in Tuscany: my parents are planning to take us all to Tuscany after graduation
6. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro: trying to find an excuse to get back there
7. See a James Taylor concert: he definitely played 3 nights at Chastain in Atlanta while I was in Africa…typical
8. Play guitar with JT: see above…
9. Run the bases at the current Yankee Stadium: modified below
10. Run the bases at the new Yankee Stadium if I don’t make it in time: see above
11. Walk to work: ha…haha…if I get this job I’ll be taking mass transit, so that counts for something right?
12. Get a dog: I saw a girl walking a husky today along Milledge Ave and it (the dog) was beautiful
13. Learn Swahili: why haven’t I started this yet?
14. Bench 300 pounds: modified below
15. Run a 6-minute mile: what a joke
16. Lose ten pounds: problem: I didn’t measure my weight when I wrote this, but I can imagine this hasn’t been nearly accomplished yet
17. Own a vineyard: I’m trying to work on a vineyard in New Zealand, and I’m going to Napa Valley in May…
18. Raise a family (wife and kids…just a dog doesn’t count): not even close
19. Meet Dave Matthews: I’m now following him on Twitter, so that’s a start
20. Not faint or cry when I meet Dave Matthews: see above (I haven’t yet)
21. Balance my checkbook: coming from a guy who left his debit card in an ATM last Thursday…not likely haha
22. Get a credit card: got declined twice…how do you establish credit when you can’t get a card?
23. By a Ferrari…with cash: yeah…
24. Go on a mission trip for longer than a week: haven’t even pursued it unfortunately…I’ll look into it
25. See a UGA football national championship: no sir
26. Meet the Gym Dawgs: I now officially know Courtney Kupets!
27. Catch a pass from Matt Stafford and/or tackle Knowshon: this looks less and less likely as the NFL Draft nears — and I’m not so sure I’d wanna risj injuring Knowshon by tackling him so hard, ya know?
28. Be on ESPN’s top 10 plays: they had a home video contest, but I definitely didn’t have anything to submit
29. See the world (whatever that means): I’m trying!
30. Read the whole Bible: haven’t started…this is the one that I feel most convicted about not accomplishing
31. Sing: it’s a daily ritual, but an ongoing one
32. Laugh: see above
33. Do stand-up comedy (and get booed off stage): someone told me just today that I should do stand-up comedy…we’ll see…
34. Have someone actually read my blog: it’s happening!
35. Be humble: I feel pretentious for bolding this, but I think I’ve become much better at this over the past semester
36. Not settle: I declined my first job offer…’nuff said
37. Graduate: May ’09, baby!
38. Appreciate sushi more: not enough yet
39. Be good at photography: had a little SNAFU with the camera and haven’t picked it up enough yet
40. Complete a triathlon on my own: nope
41. Be like my dad: I just wrote a SPCM paper involving this (and everyone now tells me how much I look like my dad)
42. Be like my grampa: I could only be so lucky
43. Be someone’s Best Man: my roommate got engaged last Thursday, but I probably (definitely) won’t be his Best Man…but it’s a start I guess
44. Meet “the one” and know it: ya know…guess not
45. Drive a motorcycle: it scares me the more I think about it
46. Get LASIK: this will have to be put on hold for a year or so after I graduate
47. Spend a summer hiking the Appalachian Trail: I did need to find something to do this summer…wow, why didn’t I look at this earlier?
48. Learn to play golf: it’s been substituted for now (see below)
49. Figure out what to do with the rest of my life: good grief
50. Go back to Tanzania for an extended period of time with the locals: hopefully….


9./10. I attended the second-to-last home game played at Yankee Stadium earlier this year (the same Saturday as our Arizona State football game actually). We won 1-0 on a single in the 9th inning with 2 outs by Robinson Cano, so it was a great success! Now I have to wrangle my way into the new stadium…
14. I haven’t had nearly as much available time to hit the gym this semester, so I undertook the 100 Pushup routine. It was almost a complete success: I did 85 consecutive pushups by the end of it, but I’ve become a little lazy after that final day. I’ll try to pick it back up…or just accomplish one of the new goals I’m putting for myself.


51. Do P90X: I heard about it from a couple of blogs that I follow, and one of my friends from the Tanzania trip is doing it right now. She and the bloggers had nothing but great things to say, so I think I’m gonna put it on my New Year’s resolution list. I do need to get back into better shape, that’s for sure.
52. Not leave things unsaid: You could argue that I’ve been pretty good about this (recent events as evidence), but it’s a daily process that I want to keep up.
53. Change my own oil: I feel like this is a sort of rite of passage for males everywhere…and I want to do it sometime.
54. Give a major speech: This could be the commencement address for my graduating class or something else, but I want to give a speech/presentation that’s meaningful enough for people to watch and pay attention.
55. Play a gig with my guitar: This is a kind of extension of #31 on the initial list, but it’s more specific. I’ve picked up the trusty acoustic a lot more recently, so who knows?
56. Ride a Ferris wheel: I was reminded of this by one of my friends (literally 2 minutes ago), and I think it’d be a lot of fun. I need to find when and where soon.
57. See a ridiculous concert: With a Phillips Arena spring lineup including Britney Spears, Celine Dion, and Elton John and Billy Joel (together!), this could come soon.
59. Witness LeBron James in person: He’s coming to Phillips next Saturday to play the Hawks…
60. Go on a date on top of a building: There are a few I’ve scouted out on campus and I have one more semester.
61. Learn to play tennis: I took a tennis PE class this semester and (in my opinion) I’ve become fairly decent at the game. It’s something I can pursue for the rest of my life also.
62. Make an impact: On something broader than the UGA campus.
63. Be a role model: My little brother’s heading off to college next year, so there’s no better time than now I guess.
64. Become certified in wine: Eventually I’d like to become a Master Sommelier, but even the Intro course for that requires a minimum of 3 years in the industry. For now I plan on starting by reading as much as I can and taking an online survey course through Wine Spectator.
65. Get a job: Because I have to make money somehow…and I’ll find out about this one soon!

Final Roundup

Accomplished: 7 (in 5 months…I think that’s a pretty good yield while in college, considering the magnitude of some of these)

Modified: 3

Left on the Table: 58 (I’ve sure got some work to do!)

Expect some more additions/modifications/accomplishments soon!

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