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Yesterday’s carnage (or, Don’t be stupid)

November 30, 2008

Yesterday’s loss hurts the most of any loss I’ve witnessed as a Georgia student. I came into the game convinced that I didn’t really hate Tech, its players, its fans, its school. I thought I only hated Florida (I do). But I hate Tech a close second, I realized during pre-game. Their fans are more arrogant than Florida and South Carolina’s combined. They’re nerds. Their team pre-gamed in cutoff UnderArmor shirts. They stole our hedges. The list goes on. But there are two comments I want to address, both of which are mind-numbingly stupid, one from a Tech fan and one (unfortunately) from a Georgia fan.

  1. “No show, Knowshon.” Tech fan walking out of Sanford. Now, I don’t know if he’ll take the time to look at Knowshon’s statistics (or if his Tech degree gives him the ability to analyze statistics critically anyway), but here’s a sampling: 17 rushes for 94 yds (5.5 yds per) and 1 touchdown, 4 catches for 74 yds (18.5 per), 168 total yds on 21 touches (8.0 yds per). That might not qualify as a world-beating performance, but I’ll definitely take it. He was brilliant on every screen pass, even make one of the most beautiful one-handed grabs of my college career to keep a drive alive late in the game. He consistently rushed well, including one of those “I’m scoring a touchdown on this carry, you can try your best to stop me (and you won’t)” runs late in the game. So no, he didn’t rush for 200+ yds like Roddy Jones did, but he had himself a helluva game, and if it’s an individual performance he has to go out on, then this one’s perfectly acceptable. So shut up and attend to your pocket protector.
  2. “We lost because Stafford’s got his head on professional football instead of the games he’s playing.” Georgia fan walking through the Reed Quad. I turned around and told him, in no uncertain terms, that this is the dumbest comment a Georgia fan could make after watching the game. Stafford had himself a game for the ages and, arguably, the best of his career (certainly statistically). Here’s his line from yesterday, read it and see if you can punch many holes into it: 24-39 passing (61.5%) for 407 yds (10.4 per attempt and 17.0 per completion) and 5 TDs with 1 pick (a pick-six). His passer rating for the game was a comfortable 125.7, the 3rd-highest this year (behind Kentucky and Georgia Southern). You can blast him for the pick-six (I’ll maintain that his receiver was held up, the ball was wet and we were winning 28-12 after the pick-six and the first half). No quarterback on either roster – or in either conference perhaps – could put up numbers like that. That’s the arm that we recruited, and that’s the arm – as my roommate pointed out sarcastically – that’ll get Stafford multiple millions next year or the year after. He played his guts out and isn’t getting much love for it. Bobo decided that we were going to try to outscore Tech (mostly because our defense made it that way), and Stafford was more than up to the challenge. If he goes, he was certainly a Damn Good Dawg while he was here. I’ll proudly cheer him on for years in the NFL.

I wasn’t surprised at the Tech fan’s comment…but the second one from a Georgia fan? Come on, man…get your head out of wherever you stashed it for the day.

In other news, we love you both, Larry and Vince.

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  1. jonathanwatson permalink
    November 30, 2008 1:09 pm

    This is a brilliant post.

  2. November 30, 2008 1:12 pm

    I totally agree. I was a bad fan and didn’t want to venture out into the rain yesterday (despite driving back to Athens for the sole purpose of going to the game…oops!), but I watched it on my TV. There was something in the air yesterday. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I’m guessing it was some type of distracting nerd cloud brought over from Atlanta. Either way, I am so sad our season had to end that way. From No. 1 in the summer to getting beaten by Tech at the end, that was no way to go out in ’08. I guess we’re all going to have to live with it, though. ET, good analysis of the game. 🙂

  3. November 30, 2008 7:18 pm

    To Hell With Georgia Tech.

    Can we put some electric fencing in our hedges to prevent any victorious invaders from snatching them?

    Saturday was (unfortunately) almost a carbon copy of the 1998 NATS game in more ways than one.

  4. bamadog permalink*
    November 30, 2008 7:20 pm

    I agree totally, squarebush. I find it funny that they love our stadium enough to take a piece of it with them. I mean, I don’t blame them for not loving Bobby Dodd very much.


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