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Obligatory Thanksgiving post

November 27, 2008

So I just saw the Georgia Tech marching band on CBS’s coverage of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade , and it spurred a thought: things I’m thankful for. And you might wonder why Tech’s band of all things would spur this thought, but it was the feeling that I’m thankful not to be a fan of Georgia Tech. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s what I’m thankful for:

  • America. Come on, could anything else really have come first? We all just witnessed history with the election of Barack Obama for President, evidence that our country really does value freedom for all people. And even though we’re currently struggling to deal with a crippling financial crisis, if you don’t have faith that we’ll come out of this better, stronger and smarter, then you haven’t paid attention to our great country’s history. If only we could fast-forward a few years/months.
  • Athens & UGA. A few high school friends and I went out in downtown Huntsville last night, and I realized just how unique going away from home for college is. It was like walking into a high school time warp, but not one that you’d really enjoy. I saw all the cool kids (read: ones who pretty much ignored me) from the year above me…still with the exact same group of friends, with the exact same smirk and with the exact same outlook on life. And to top it all off, everyone was smoking inside the bar. Hasn’t Alabama caught up with the times like Athens yet? Good grief. I didn’t think I’d need reminding of how much I love Athens and being at UGA, but the contrast from what could have been did just that.
  • My gramma. I know, I know, “that’s spelled incorrectly, Eric.” But that’s just how it is. “Gramma Jan.” She currently lives in upstate New York with her “fiance” that she met at a high school reunion. Admittedly, she’s not in the greatest health and has to swallow a whole army of various pills each morning. And she’s a little lot slower moving than she ever used to be. And she comes froma different generation and life perspective that is at times endearing and at other times at odds with everything in my worldview. But I love her. She’s the most generous person that I know, and she’s always willing to lend a helping hand (and force me to lend a helping hand or two myself). And I wouldn’t trade her for anyone.
  • Football. This is cliche, I realize. But it’s Thanksgiving, and as much as I don’t care about any of the teams involved in the traditional Thanksgiving Day games, I’ll probably watch a few hours. Some of my earliest memories of Thanksgiving are of watching Lions and Eagles games at my (other) grandparents’ house in New Jersey. Of course, my grandpa would always be asleep by the first punt or touchdown, but it was the principle of the thing: we could always gather around the dinner table with the whole family, but there’s rarely something that my family’s males can bond over. And an actual touch football game out in the street would usually break out after an hour or so.
  • My friends. This goes without saying if you read my last post, but it’s worth saying again. They’re awesome…all of them.
  • HDTV. This is the best invention (along with the DVR box I guess) for any and all sports or television fans. Golf fans can finally see each individual blade of grass. Football fans can see the sweat dripping off linemen. And baseball fans can see each splinter of the bats. If you’ve ever been watching a football game in HD when the HD feed goes out, you realize in that instant just how blessed you are. Treasure it, I know I will.

That’s about enough for now. I might probably won’t update this list, but feel free to add whatever you’re thankful for! Eat lots of turkey, hug lots of family and realize that, more than any other holiday, Thanksgiving is prototypically American. God bless this country and your Thanksgiving Day.

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  1. Jamie permalink
    November 29, 2008 1:37 pm

    oh gramma. this is one of my favorite posts…

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