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My guilty conscience nudges me…

November 25, 2008

So I’ve had several (one) complaints (complaint) about not posting anything (read: I was called a “blog tease” recently) in the past few days. Granted, I had a busy week before the break and now I’m on Thanksgiving break, but maybe there is someone out there who’d like to hear something. So here goes. It’s just a list of things on my mind recently…nothing big or important. Maybe something will inspire me soon.

  • There’s a For Sale sign on the first house in my neighborhood again. This house has never been able to keep a tenant for more than like two years, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. What does surprise me, however, is the sign next to the For Sale sign that reads something like this: “$0 down payment, 100% financing available.” Now, I don’t know how many of you have been following this
    Maybe they should scale back the 24 hour banking for a while...

    Maybe they should scale back the 24 hour banking for a while...

    financial/mortgage crisis we’re in, but this is the exact thing that began it all. Read a little about it here for a refresher. Basically, 100% financing attracts customers who wouldn’t know disposable income if it slapped them in the wallet. They apply for these loans – which are designed just for them to qualify for – and they get stuck in a house that soon becomes worth less than the money that they own for it. Then that cycles through the secondary mortgage market as they default or try some ridiculous refi plan. Then that screws over the investors in mortgage-backed securities. Then that screws over huge (formerly) unregulated banks like Citigroup. Then our economy sucks. All because some idiot mortgage officer decided it’d be a swell idea to screw over the people who can’t afford a house in the first place. I want to vandalize the sign. Any ideas?

  • Larry Munson will be honored between the 1st and 2nd quarters of this Saturday’s UGA/GA Tech game massacre. Read what Chris Low and EJ (pictures!) have to say on the matter. I’ll probably be cheering louder for this than for any other play in the game…unless, of course, something like this happens:
  • The LinkedIn Logo

    The LinkedIn Logo

    Yesterday I joined LinkedIn, a kind of grown-up Facebook, I guess. It’s more for professionals (which I’m not yet) and aspiring professionals (check!). It’s a little more cumbersome than Facebook (maybe because I’m so used to the ‘book), but it has some of the same features: you can control what people see of you, you have a “profile” and picture, you can add multiple applications and so forth. The big difference is that the interface seems more professional than college. We’ll see how it goes. You can view my “public profile” here.

  • I have great friends. Now, I know everyone (most everyone at least) says they have great friends. Mostly because we get to pick them for ourselves. But I realized this more over the past two days than normally because I had the distinct honor and pleasure (yes, I love doing things like this) of reading two of my friends’ personal statements/additional essays for law school. And I was blown away. Both of them (not naming names, but you know who you are, even if only one of you will ever read this post) poured their heart and soul into their writing, and you could almost feel it coming through the page. It was nothing short of inspiring – not in the I-want-to-go-to-law-school-too! way, but more in a Wow-these-people-are-incredible-and-make-me-love-life-with-them way. It was great! So for both of you, best of luck in the application process. Any law school that you pick will be lucky to have you.
  • I’ve also wondered over the past few months (very sporadically) what I would say if I were the commencement speaker for my graduating class of May ’09. I don’t have a spectacular story from college, I don’t come from a tough background and I have no idea what I’d say. But, if I had to impart any wisdom, I’d say that it’s best to never leave things unsaid. This goes for our Larry Munson tribute and it also goes in my personal life. Again without giving too many details, I finally practiced what I’m preaching here and addressed a certain elephant that’d been inhabiting the room of one of my friendships for quite a while. And it’s been great. Not only is a certain weight off my back, but the past few weeks have been some of the most exciting (and, yes, confusing) of my life. I can’t wait to see where it goes though.
  • And finally, yes, I’m looking for a job. I’m interviewing for positions in the San Fran Bay Area (Walnut Creek to be exact) and in Houston. But I’m still trying to figure out how to just take a life off (kinda like people take a year off…but much longer) and have a measurable impact on the world. So I’m going to meet with a certain former Orientation Leader who does microinsurance for Africa…talk about a dream job. We’ll have to see.
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  1. November 26, 2008 1:46 pm

    Well, that was a cornucopia of blog goodness. (“Cornucopia” is my Thanksgiving-themed SAT word of the day.)


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