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A couple thoughts on worldview

November 17, 2008

1) What if the Golden Rule guided our foreign policy? For that matter, what if it guided the foreign policies of all the nations in the world? What would that look like? I can’t even begin to imagine because that’d be what we call a “perfect world,” which seems less and less likely in this day and age.

But what would the very first steps of such a foreign policy involve? Maybe it’d look a little like this.

As always, from the TEDTalks.

2) T. Boone Pickens has a plan, if you haven’t heard. He’s basically an American oil tycoon with a conscience who’s trying his darnedest to lead this country out of an energy crisis (present low gas prices notwithstanding). He’s got a great little 4-minute video outlining the basic idea(s) of this plan, and it’s worth a look. You can check out the whole Pickens Plan here. Sounds spectacular to me.

(h/t PresentationZen)

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