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A few more random thoughts from the election

November 5, 2008

After finishing my last post, I realized that I rushed it to publish and didn’t have all of my thoughts together. So here’s a few random tidbits.

1. Welcome to the political spotlight, generation Us. We turned out in record numbers, we got out the vote, we campaigned, we donated and we were in it until the very end. I’m very impressed. From the amount of screaming, booing, shouting, cursing, debating and drinking at the Georgia Theater last night…I’ve gotta say, politics is entering a new phase. And it’s in our hands.

2. I’m proud to be an American. Genuinely, radiantly proud.

3. Don’t even act like you’re moving to a different country. That’s a stupid idea and you know it.

4. Keep this up. Just because your horse might’ve lost this race doesn’t mean that you should just check out of the process for the next few years. Politics is meant for everyone, the young, the old, the poor, the rich…and the American. Keep your head up and get geared up for the next round of elections.

5. The face of America is changing. The Hispanic vote and the black vote are finally being heard (my Speech Comm professor would’ve called them “muted groups” before this election cycle), and they’re being heard loud and clear. As much as this election wasn’t about race specifically, McCain won somewhere around 70% of the white vote, while Barack carried at least that percent in the minority vote(s). Which leads me to…

6. Our country is divided. Severely divided. But I’m supporting Barack because I truly believe he has what it takes to bring us all together (reference the video on my last post). He’s based his political career (yeah, what little of it there actually is) on this idea/ideal. And I think he’s got what it takes. I really do.

In the end, if you’re a McCain supporter, there’s only four more years until you can change the face of the White House again. If you’re an Obama supporter, don’t rest on your laurels and/or vote. Reach out to your anti-Obama friends and do your part to bring the country together. Because, in the end, the President can only do so much. It’s all up to us.

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  1. November 5, 2008 2:24 pm

    Nice post. Good insight.

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