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Musings from a tornado warning

August 28, 2008
Memories, memories...

Memories, memories...

It’s funny how the weirdest events can trigger so many memories. More specifically, it’s funny the memories I have about tornadoes and tornado warnings. For reference, here’s a snapshot of the radar for the Athens area right now. It’ll explain pretty clearly why my Speech Comm class is currently stuck in the basement of our building.


I actually did write that Tuesday afternoon during Speech Comm, but as soon as I put that last period in, the warning was over and we had to go back to class. Oh well. So just to make sure this post actually gets published, here’s the gist of what I would’ve written:

I remember childhood back in Alabama, shoved into our back hallway — or if it was a huge tornado, even our back closet — with my dad tempting fate on our front porch and my mom yelling at him from the comfort of her living room view of the weather radar. We even had a warning once with some of our family friends over, and all five of the kids (all sons) camped out in the closet while the parents cooked us dinner and made us lemonade. All in all not too bad. I can still even hear our first dog Dodger whimpering. For as tough and menacing as he looked, he was always a fairly big coward.

And I also remember middle school tornado warnings, when the guys in class would all awkwardly jockey to assume the spot on the wall next to the best looking/most popular girl in class. There were always the couples “in love” who would hold hands while the guy comforted his overly terrified girlfriend, saying something to the effect of “Don’t worry, I’m here and I won’t let the tornado hurt us.” My only question: How? Are you going to punch the tornado? Or are you going to have a civil talk with it? I was always confused. I think I passed more notes during tornado warnings than I did during all classes combined. It was the cool thing to do. So was wearing these, so maybe it wasn’t so cool.

That’s about how this post would’ve read if I’d finished it then. Just a few random thoughts I guess.

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