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Sitting on my futon pretending I wasn’t

August 25, 2008

I just spent three hours finishing up John Grisham’s Playing for Pizza, a book that was surprisingly engaging and non-lawyerly. It was delightful really. Basic synopsis: a washed-up NFL quarterback lands himself reluctantly in Parma, Italy and plays a season for the hometown Panthers who literally play the game of football americano for pizza and pride. Great book. Even a great shoutout for all the lovely UGA girls — and AXO specifically.

And the book reaffirmed the fire that I feel for traveling. I don’t think I’ve ever been pulled as much to do something with my life as I am being pulled to travel in the near future. I want to see Italy. I want to “spread my wings” as the saying goes. I want to feel out of place. I want to step off a train in Europe with a map, a couple Euros and no plans whatsoever. I think I’d need clothes as well, but those can always be acquired on the way.

In short, I’m inspired. It’s weird. I should be excited for senior year football season here (face it, who isn’t in Athens?). But I’m honestly more excited for what the world holds for me afterward. Where will it take me for Christmas break even? Then May after commencement? Will I actually intern in Australia? So many questions…we’ll just have to wait and see.

For now, below is a copy of the email I sent my family. Since they’re usually the only ones reading my blog anyway, this will be a rehash. Oh well. It’s a lot of rambling, I know.

First off I want to apologize for stalking both of you so doggedly today on my roommates’ phones, but it was a stressful day not being attached to my own phone. I think the AT&T support lady summed it up beautifully this way when I spoke with her: “I can see how your buttons not working would be a problem.” I thought that qualified as a massive understatement.

I just finished off Playing for Pizza, that John Grisham book that y’all had at home — I took the liberty of stealing (borrowing) it because I didn’t have anything else to read. And with my phone playing dead for the day, I decided that today was as good as any to spend time reading. For lack of a better word, the book was delightful. All about Italy, football, finding yourself somewhere else and generally meandering through and enjoying life. Oddly enough the girl who enters the book 2/3 of the way through it as the sort of heroine rescuing our wandering, washed-up quarterback with her “miles of tanned legs,” her insatiable curiosity, her enthusiasm and her youth is a UGA girl on an extended study abroad trip with some of her Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters. I laughed and decided that it’s definitely good PR for UGA and it’s gorgeous “scenery.” Just made the book that much more enjoyable. And also made any personal excursion over that way seem that much more plausible.

Are we still planning on/trying to go to Italy in May? Because if anything, the book has made me want to spread my wings over the country even more. It all just seems so romantic (in several senses I guess). I know it probably isn’t nearly as I’m picturing it, but if any place would be, I have a feeling it’d be Italy. So regardless of whether we decide to make a family trip of it, I want to finagle my way over there somehow sometime soon. Maybe Christmas? That’s probably much too soon though. Just thinking (typing) aloud (without restraint). I’m sitting barefoot out on our porch right now with my new favorite (linen) shirt, my iPod speakers playing some Counting Crows — they were playing a little calmer Amos Lee while I was reading — with my propped-up legs supporting my oh-so-hip(pie) Apple laptop. I’m trying to imagine that my futon is instead some cafe on the corner of some Italian intersection, my cup of water instead a glass of local wine and my iPod tunes instead the soft arias of some opera in the background. Or maybe the music would still be coming from my iPod. Either way. I think I could pull off the traveling-American-attempting-

to-blend-into-the-local-scenery part fairly well.

I thought the free time on every day but Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester (and probably next) would be a great time to catch up, work out, run, whatever. But it seems that it gives my mind a lot more idle time to think about the near-term future. Near-term as in I’m applying to be a Terry Ambassador this week, but also near-term in the fact that I can’t get over the traveling bug that seems to have bitten me (and hung on for dear life). The stress and constant going of life in college/America gets tiresome…and I know that rings fairly hollow when you’re working an 8 – 6 full-time job. But I’m beginning to feel the press of the end of school even these several months away, and I want to do something radically different to broaden my mind. Instead of being engaged in a textbook in Athens, Georgia in the US of A, I want to see if I can’t apply whatever I’ve learned in a different setting. Something to keep me on my toes. Maybe literally. I don’t know. The idle ramblings of someone deprived of sleep and overwhelmed with the reality that life decisions happen in my own life and not just others’.

I’ll sign off now to let y’all return to whatever you were doing before I ambushed you electronically. Just a few thoughts I guess. I had no real point in writing this.


PS: What are your thoughts about Barack-Biden ’08?

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