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Thoughts from the first day or so…and the first installation of my picture slideshow

April 27, 2008

Picasa slideshow from my first two days so far. The pictures are from Evan (my roommate) and my walk along the marina boardwalk and our group’s day trip to Coronado Beach. There’s one picture I’ll pull out of there and comment on below, so check that out also. Watch the pics, and I’ll have a little commentary below.

And the lucky picture is…

That’s me at the top of the steps mugging for the camera. Yes, I’m giving a thumbs-up. We’re at the Hotel del Coronado at Coronado Beach right outside San Diego. The guy fading into the background behind me is what we like to call “tragedy.” He’s wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, cut-off camo cargo shorts, hunks of product in his hair and lots of trashy tattoos up and down his arms. It’s too bad you can’t see him in all his glory. But, hey, I guess I can’t say much because he’s staying at a baller hotel on a resort beach in San Diego. Must be nice.

Beyond that, here are some impressions I’ve got from my first two days:

  • If you’re ever invited to attend a free conference, GO TO IT! We’ve already had an open-bar reception, and there is at least one more per day for the next four days. The wine selection may not have been great, but I’m not complaining. The going rate for our hotel room is upwards of $450 per night, it’s all free, it’s in a great location and everyone’s incredibly nice. So if you get the chance, hop on it pronto.
  • I’ve always heard the California girls are the best girls in the world. But if they were a football team, they’d be the Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors so I could shout “Overrated!” at them. They just don’t compare to this…or this…or simply the average night in downtown Athens…not even close. Guys, hear me on this one: WE HAVE IT SO LUCKY. You have no idea. I can say I’ve been to the West Coast where the “beautiful people” are (not LA where the fake plastic people are though), and Athens tops it easily. Stay as long as you can.
  • Fratty” in Athens means ambiguously gay or old most anywhere else especially here. I only found one other guy with a swimsuit above his knees on the beach today. Nobody had Croakies, no one rocking Sperrys (hardly any flip-flops either, if you can imagine) and no visors. Every guy had a tight t-shirt and board shorts on. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation. No short shorts outside UGA, I guess.

And that’s all I’ve got time for right now, but I’ll keep it coming tomorrow!

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