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UGA’s Road to the National Championship

November 23, 2007

So it’s been a while — a very long while — since I last wrote anything on this blog. And this post won’t be a long update on where I’ve been all this time. It’s just a simple plea to the college football gods: All I want this Christmas — and I’d be damn thankful for it also — is for these few things to happen over the next few weeks:

1. USC beats #6 Arizona St. — UGA moves to #5
Done; I just finished watching the game. USC looked like USC used to, and Arizona St. looked exactly as I thought they would whenever I finally got around to seeing them play.
2. UConn beats #3 West Virginia
After the ’06 Sugar Bowl I’ll never count myself as a WVU supporter, and this game is no different.
3. #4 Missouri beats #2 Kansas…badly
Who are these teams anyway? The worse Missouri beats Kansas, the further KU falls in the polls, ’nuff said.
4. Kentucky beats Tennessee — UGA goes to SEC Championship Game
This is the key to the whole scenario, and I haven’t been this huge a Kentucky fan since…wait, I’ve never been a Kentucky fan. Sorry.
5. #7 UGA beats Ga. Tech
Just like last year…and the year before…and the year before…and the year before…okay, you get the point. The Dawgs must win convincingly to persuade the polls to drop Kansas behind us.

End of play for this week: UGA locks up a place in the SEC Championship against LSU; West Virginia, Kansas, and Arizona St. all fall behind the Dawgs in the BCS standings, leaving UGA at #4 (behind LSU, Missouri, and Ohio St.).

6. #4 UGA beats #1 LSU — SEC CHAMPS!!!
I’ll guarantee a victory in this one if we make it to the game (come on, Wildcats!) because there’s no way LSU’s now-porous run D can stop Knowshon and TBrown. Or just Knowshon.
7. Oklahoma beats #2 Missouri in Big 12 Championship
OU wins the Big 12 and life returns to normal…but only if USC can win the PAC-10 again, just like the whole past century.

End of play for this week: Ohio St. comes in at #1 in the BCS by default because they don’t have any more games to play, and — you guessed it — that would be the Dawgs sitting pretty at #2 and poised for an incredible BCS Championship victory.

Now I know this might be a long shot, but the first step has already been completed right on schedule, so I don’t see why the rest can’t shake out. And there’s seven steps necessary in this scenario, and seven is a lucky number…and Stafford’s number…

We’ll just have to sit back and see.
GO DAWGS! Sic ’em!

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